The New Art Exhibit in The Pop Culture Gallery at the World of Coke is entitled "Celebrating An Icon: The Coca-Cola Bottle in Contemporary Art". From time to time we will be featuring a few videos of the artists who have works in this exhibit. First up is Los Angeles artist Steve Kaufman . As a student in 1981, Steve met Andy Warhol and became his assistant at the Factory. Warhol continued to be a source of inspiration for Steve’s art work throughout the years. During his time in New York, Steve created graphics for NBC’s Saturday Night Live and participated in group show at Club 57 with Keith Haring on his way to being named Underground Artist of the Year. He moved to Los Angeles in 1993, where he became heavily involved in philanthropy, lending support to over 170 individual charities a year. Other highlights of his career include painting a limited edition Campbell's Soup can to mark its 100th Anniversary, and being commissioned to create a Muhammad Ali portrait for the 1996 Olympics. Please enjoy this video!