W5696-lo When you visit the World of Coca-Cola, one of the galleries in the Milestones of Refreshment exhibit is devoted to the contour bottle.  The case is filled with a variety of items in the classic contour shape.

One of my favorite items in the case and a very valuable collectible is the 1933 contour bottle radio produced by the Crosley Radio Company of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This bottle radio is very impressive standing 23" inches tall and 7.5" in diameter and weighing nearly 15 pounds.  The radio case was molded of "Durez" a red plastic material that was similar to Bakelite.  The words "Drink Coca-Cola" were typically painted silver as was the bottle cap.  The two nobs on the front controlled the station and the volume produced by the five tube radio.

The radios cost $ 18.75 dollars in 1933, which was a considerable amount of money for a merchandising item during the depression.  Given this price, the radios were used for different purposes than many of the promotional item of the day.  They were used as dealer incentives to sell the standardized Glascock Coolers, sales incentives for salespeople as part of a refrigeration push or often just loaned to prized customers.

Due to the breakable nature of the Durez plastic, these radios are pretty rare and are quite valuable, generally selling between $ 7,500 to $ 8,000 in excellent condition.