Whenever a new product is introduced to the marketplace, one of the biggest challenges is to have people try it. Asa Candler faced this exact situation after he acquired Coca-Cola in the early 1890s. His solution was to offer consumers a free sample of his new product through the use of sampling coupons.

Using the direct mail technique, Candler sent letters and coupons to consumers inviting them to visit their local soda fountain and enjoy a free glass of Coca-Cola. Between 1894-1913, more than 8.5 million coupons were redeemed by the Company. Almost one of every nine Americans had received a free drink-a staggering statistic.

At the World of Coca-Cola, we exhibit a number of these coupons in a display case that features many of the pioneering marketing efforts that Asa Candler initiated.Typically, you will see these individual coupons sell in the $300-$400 range at collector events.

Coke Sampling Coupon 

Coke Sampling Coupon 2 Coke Sampling Coupon 3