Sprite has always been a beacon of self-expression. This fall, the brand hopes to inspire a movement by encouraging fans to “Get Vocal” and make their voices heard on issues that matter most to them.

Sprite worked with Izze the Producer to create a 60 second beat, which fans can visit GetVocalSprite.com to download a custom beat and can record their own 60-second freestyle and share it on social media with the #GetVocal hashtag.

“Sprite is a brand that has a history and heritage around free and independent thought and the ability to express what you think and feel,” said Danielle Henry, group direction, integrated marketing communications (IMC), Coca-Cola North America. “Through the ‘Get Vocal’ platform, we want young people to realize that their collective voice matters and can be a powerful, positive force to drive us all forward. This is an invitation for youth in America to speak up, and Sprite will power their voices.”

The campaign is off to a strong start, with submissions tackling a range of topics – some expected and some unexpected. “We’ve gotten freestyles on topical and timely issues like police brutality, racism, politics and minimum wage, but also on more positive themes like optimism, mentorship and female empowerment,” said Henry. “It has been inspiring to see the creativity and energy behind the campaign so far.”

Izze the Producer, who has worked with the likes of Gucci Mane, Migos, Rich Homie Quan and 2 Chainz, said he was drawn to mission and message of “Get Vocal”.

“I felt like it was a great idea to empower youth and a dope opportunity for people to speak up about social issues or injustices they see going on every day,” he said. “The program has a bigger cause than just rapping over a beat. It’s empowering people from different states, countries, and overall walks of life to use their voices and be heard on a platform that empowers the people. Every voice counts.

He added, “You have to stand for something and not fall for anything because others say so. Social inequalities and injustices are not cool and this platform makes it easier for people to be heard and speak their piece, especially myself. We are all one so I must make sure I use my voice as well as encourage others to do the same. I know someone is listening and the connection between messenger and listener can literally spark the idea of change.”

Sprite has enlisted several prominent names in hip-hop to join the “Get Vocal” movement.

“I wanted to participate because of my unique position to inspire people through music. I wanted to use that platform in the right way,” said Rapsody. “We are powerful, and we can move mountains together. I don’t want people to forget the power they have through not only voting, but anything else we put our minds to.”

Other participating artists include Tierra Whack, Wale, YBN Cordae, DJ Drama, Smino, Rae Sremmurd and Killumantii. They were tapped not just for their talent, but for their passion, perspective and reach. “We were super intentional above leveraging people who are vocal in ways that extend beyond their music,” said Stefan Miller, Sprite Brand Manager. “We also took steps to bring in a wide variety of partners – not just hip-hop artists – to align with the holistic focus of the campaign.”

Sprite is teaming up with artists, celebrities, influencers and brands to create a freestyle movement. In addition to continuing Sprite’s legacy of self-expression, “Get Vocal” continues the brand’s longstanding ties to hip-hop dating back to the “Obey Your Thirst” campaign.

“Hip-hop, as a genre, originated as a forum to talk about what was going on in real life,” Miller said. “In 1986, we partnered with Kurtis Blow and other hip-hop artists, which helped to embody our point of view as a brand. We’ve always wanted to represent the voice of our consumers, not just push a product message. ‘Get Vocal’ builds on this heritage by leveraging the equity of both the Sprite brand and the partners we’re choosing to work with.”

Sprite also partnered with fashion and culture network VFILES to help kickstart the “Get Vocal” movement by selecting 20 emerging artists to create #GetVocal freestyles and post on their channels.

The brand also hosted a Green Carpet event at this year’s BET Hip Hop Awards in Miami. Rapper and brand partner MadeinTYO interviewed celebrity attendees at the Sprite-powered “Get Vocal” stage by about their approach to self-expression. The “Get Vocal” ad produced by VFILES that featured several participating artists debuted during the awards show broadcast.