A unique musical instrument arrived in the mail for the Archives a few years back. While I would often pluck away at it, I always thought it would be interesting to see what it’d sound like in the hands of a true musician. Meet Steve Soltis, who also works with us at Coca-Cola. Steve has played the banjo for a number of years, and he agreed to have a go at the Can Joe for us. The original inventor of the Can Joe (also referred to as the canjo) was Herschel Brown of Jacksonville, North Carolina .

Herschel Brown had the idea that sending Can Joes to troops serving in the military would allow him to put music and happiness into the hands of people all around the world. He titled his business “Can Joes For World Peace”, and said his instruments were for everybody – whether you could hold a tune or not. Even though the Can Joe was designed for those who could not play a lick, Steve proves that it doesn’t hurt to have the skills (it sure doesn’t sound like that when I play). Many thanks to Herschel Brown for sending the Can Joe to us.


Coca-Cola Can Joe canjo Hi Res