Football fans are uniting around the world by trading Panini Stickers. No, not stickers of the beloved Italian sandwich but ones that feature the 32 qualified teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The Panini Online Sticker Album presented by Coca-Cola lets fans get closer to the 2014 FIFA World Cup action. Users can unlock, collect and trade their favorite football stars online with other fans from around the world.

From Tangible to Digital

For almost half a century, Panini Sticker cards have been a football fan favorite providing a tangible way for FIFA World Cup fans to participate in the games. The main objective is to collect every player from each team to eventually fill the Panini album. In order to do so, players much interact and trade with others to collect the cards they are missing.

Panini Stickers were introduced during the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico. Since then they have evolved to include a wider audience. In 2006, Coca-Cola partnered with Panini to produce the first virtual Panini Sticker Album.

“For us to launch the online album and give fans everywhere access to get that same excitement of opening and trading a physical pack of player cards… is just incredible,” says Tony Francis, Digital Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company.

Described as the “perfect trifecta” by Francis—FIFA, Panini, and Coca-Cola all play a crucial role in the virtual game’s success. This year marks the third online Panini activation for the World Cup. And to the delight of all parties involved, the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Panini Sticker Album has driven the most fan engagement yet with over 2.8 million registered users, 215 million stickers swapped and 160 million packs opened.

Panini Sticker Album

Sticking with Fans

“The growing numbers validate the role that digital plays in connecting Coke fans,” explains Francis. “With the right content and the right passion, it shows the fundamental role digital plays in our marketing campaigns.”

To integrate the company’s 2014 FIFA World Cup marketing campaign, “The World's Cup”, Coke has introduced The Coca-Cola Fan Album section promoting social engagement and offering Fan Cards associated with a player trade. 

“We know Panini is a huge passion point among fans. Now we are bringing fans into the conversation,” says Francis.

To broaden the conversation the online game site supports eight languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and is very visual/ intuitive allowing all nationalities to play.

Join the Action

If you haven’t joined in on all the action yet, we’ll help you get started.  Use the code: #WorldsCup to unlock a new pack when you play here. If mobile gaming is more your speed, that’s an option too. This year the 2014 FIFA World Cup Panini Stickers are now available on iOS and Android devices. And for those who prefer to stick with the physical albums, fans can find them at a variety of stores. But no matter how you play, get started today and join the millions of fans who have already unlocked the excitement.