sumalls resized

One of the best things about getting a research request from the marketing team is to dive into the collection because I always learn something new.  A few weeks ago, I ran across a mailing from the Committee on the Standardization of Work Garments which was part of the Coca-Cola Bottlers Committee on Standardization.  

Who ever knew SUMALLS existed?  Overalls, yes, but SUMALLS were a discovery.  I love the slogan, "Easy to Get In, Easy to Get Out" as well as some of the features like the Patented Full Back Drop Seat!  The SUMALLS cost $ 3.00 per pair and a matching hat was and additional 25 cents. The second sheet has two fabric samples still stapled to the sheet giving us a great idea of what the uniforms would have looked like.  The W.E. Flodding Company of Atlanta, Georgia was selected to produce the SUMALLS.