Tree from movie and entry area for chillzone One of the pillars for the Coke pavilion at the EXPO is to highlight our spirit of innovation.  Two new innovations are on display and one of them is a highlight of the pavilion.  Each guest receives a "superchilled" 200ml bottle of Coke.  Over a 12 hour time period the specialized vending equipment chills the bottles to below freezing yet the Coke stays in liquid form.  When the bottles are opened in a specific way, it causes a small layer of ice to form at the top of the bottle.  It is then ready to drink at the perfect temperature for an ice cold Coca-Cola.  The second innovation is the bottles itself.  They are the newly introduced Plant Bottle which use 30 % organic matter and are fully recyclable.  The look of surprise on the visitors faces as the open the bottle and see the ice form is just great to watch  You can see the workers perparing to hand our the superchill bottles with some of the Happiness Factory figures on display.