While we have a robust sustainable packaging strategy, we face litter issues in the communities we serve. All too often our packages are found along roadsides, beaches or in waterways.

We recognize the importance of working with community organizations to help make it easier to properly dispose of our packages and to educate the public to change behaviors that cause litter on land and in bodies of water. Our system supports numerous litter prevention and community beautification organizations that provide leadership in this area such as "Keep America Beautiful" in the United States.

In addition to local partners, we have identified global partners, including Ocean Conservancy and its International Coastal Cleanup – the Company’s premier litter abatement partnership. The Cleanup is an initiative of Ocean Conservancy , which launched the first Cleanup in the United States in 1986. 

Since the beginning of the Cleanup, which is now in its 28th year, nearly 10 million volunteers across 153 countries and locations around the world have collected, removed, and tracked  163 million pounds of litter and debris from shorelines. The data collected is used to study the global waterway debris problem, educate the public to change behaviors, and to forge solutions with industry and policymakers to help prevent marine debris at its source.

In 2011, The Coca-Cola Foundation presented a $1.5 million grant to Ocean Conservancy to support the Trash Free Seas initiative. This initiative aims rid the ocean of harmful trash and prevent debris from reaching the water through global cleanup efforts, education, community engagement, research, industry collaborations and thought leadership.

This year's Cleanup will begin on September 21. Visit Ocean Conservancy’s website to learn more.

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