#SURGEisback: three words, one hashtag and an overwhelming SURGE of excitement.

The return of SURGE sent fans into well, a ‘surge’ of ‘90s nostalgia. N64, 3-way calling, hacky sack, mood rings, and predicting the future in a game of MASH… it was a glorious decade, indeed. And thanks to the wildly successful #SURGEMovement, youth of the ‘90s can relive the glory days of blowup chairs and butterfly clips with every sip of the “crisp, citrus, blast-from-the-past” that is SURGE.

We asked fans to share their epic reunion with the so-called “nectar of the gods” in a picture or video. The out pour of ‘punny’ submission titles alone are awesome— “Green Liquid Gold”, “PowerSURGE”, “Reunited and it Tastes so Good!”— but the pictures really say it all.

So here you go… 19 pics of fans basking in pure ‘90s SURGE nostalgia.  

1. Behold the glory

SURGE fan photos
I drank SURGE growing up and loved it with a passion I can only muster with the other true loves of my life. And now, I have it in hand. When I showed my younger brother what I had received, this picture was his reaction. - Aaron Tupts

2. On Cloud 9(0s)

SURGE fan photos
I literally could not have been more happy yesterday when THIS delightful package showed up at my doorstep. I bought 30 cases when I found it it was going to be gone forever, and I rationed those cases throughout my freshman and sophomore years of college. I actually teared up when I drank my "last" can. Now thanks to the Surge Movement and YOU, Coca-Cola, I'm on Cloud 9 (or maybe it's Cloud 90's), and drinking Surge once again! - Andrea Belmont

3. That moment when your dream becomes reality

4. And... when reality is too much to bear

SURGE fan photos
"Early adopter problems. The image pretty much covers it all." - Greg Kennedy 

5. Causing a #powerSURGE

SURGE fan photos
Being a part of the SURGE movement gave me hope that one day, the delicious energy packed glorious liquid would one day grace my lips again. Today, I received my package. - Angel Vaughb

6. #TBT to when you were 16 and killin' it

SURGE fan photos
I remember SURGE as a staple back in the 90's playing tons of video games and skating. I was 16 and killing some SURGE. I was so sad when it was discontinued... heartbroken. I can't wait to get my hands on some and bring back those awesome SURGE fueled memories. - Love, Alex Robinson

7. Pumping up fans... (literally

SURGE fan photos
"SURGE is back! Stronger than before! SURGE strong.”Tanner Walker

8. And turning them upside down (also, literally)

SURGE fan photos
"Excited to get a part of my childhood back!" - Seth Byers

9. The first taste is priceless

10. The 'SURGE Selfie' was inevitable 

SURGE fan photos
Left to right, top: Sasha Swayne, Michael Bartley, Patrick Phelan, Maggie Mears / Left to right, bottom: Alfred Weser, Brent Dixon, Jeromy Spaulding, Greg Szczepanik

11. You shared your prized possession with old friends

SURGE fan photos
I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy my first taste in 12 years than with a close friend. - Jonathan Bradley

12. And how you shared it was quite entertaining

SURGE fan photos
"After 12 long years I have gotten my Surge and drank it. I also put it in an old '90s Super Soaker and sprayed it into my friends mouth." - Michael Underlin

13. Cheers to the good ole days 

SURGE fan photos
#SURGEparty #countdown - Billy Meggison 

14. SURGE: it's a taste of art

SURGE fan photos
I was a huge fan of SURGE as a child... Flash forward like 15 years and I'm an art major in college. The most important thing I ever did (and it was beautiful!) was my tribute to my favorite drink: SURGE. I created my own Surge bottles from porcelain. Later on that year I was still on a Surge kick so I designed and sewed my own SURGE bottle costume for Halloween. - Karla Draves

15. The creativity was never ending

SURGE fan photos
(Left) "ReSURGEance"Brad Setliff  (Right) "No words. I'm just whole again."James Halvorson

16. You let everyone know about your SURGEtastic reunion 

(because let's face it... everyone cares)

SURGE fan photos
On air with SURGE at WGRDMike Nedwick 

17. There were even moments of 'double nostalgia'

SURGE fan photos
Not only do I have nostalgia for the delicious taste of SURGE, but this picture represents another level of nostalgia. One of my best friends in college and I used to share pictures of us holding up various Coke products on webcam during breaks as we talked. This was a throwback to that. - Brandon Barkley

18. And the wait was so worth it

SURGE fan photos
As soon as I started to drink SURGE my body was free again... it felt like angels from above were lifting me from the ground. I can't describe all of the details but what I can tell you is that I felt a presence from the SURGE gods telling me that I have made them proud. - Jerry Todd

19. But if you haven't been reunited yet... well, just watch 

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