Our Approach

External assurance of sustainability performance indicators and other criteria is important to The Coca-Cola Company.  Accuracy and reliability of information is key for making decisions, monitoring performance and external reporting. 
As we continue to align our key performance indicators (KPIs) with our 2020 Sustainability Goals, our aim is to apply rigor and independent review to all our KPIs – working closely with our external assurance partner. However, unlike financial accounting standards, there are currently no industry norms or globally recognized practices for evaluating and measuring many of the performance indicators in our 2020 Sustainability Commitments. This is evolving work and we continue to explore ways to increase transparency and validation of our metrics. 

Expanding Our List of KPIs

Every year, we work to expand our list of assured KPIs. We prioritize the KPIs we review based on maturity (stage of development), timeliness (proximity to target completion) and where the metric ranks in our issue prioritization. In addition to assuring our KPIs, we conduct internal reviews throughout the year, as well as conducting assurance readiness programs that prepare our KPIs for external assurance.

The non-financial information included in the report is subject to certain uncertainties due to limitations inherent in the nature of measuring such data. For example, selection of different but acceptable measurement techniques can result in variances in measurements across the complete Coca-Cola system. However, our Company is committed to disclosing the most accurate information and metrics possible for our stakeholders and the public.

This is why, as we march toward our 2020 Sustainability Goals, the quality and completeness of our disclosures is paramount. 

Assurance 2016

Ernst & Young LLP performed independent review-level assurance for the calendar year ending December 31, 2016 on sustainability indicators related to: Front of package labeling; Greenhouse gas emissions (manufacturing activities); Number of women enabled by the 5by20 TM Program; Responsible Marketing Policy compliance process; Water replenish; Water use ratio and Total Incident Rate.

We implemented the Responsible Marketing Policy compliance process, including our Global School Beverage Guidelines, for Company associates, and agencies. Ernst & Young LLP provided review-level assurance over the implementation of our Responsible Marketing Policy. Ernst & Young LLP did not assess the effectiveness of or compliance with the Responsible Marketing Policy.

Read more in Ernst & Young LLP's Review Report.

Additional external review of non-financial metrics was provided by other third parties. The following indicator has been assessed for the 2016 calendar year ending December 31, 2016: compliance with our Human and Workplace Rights policy.