This year, our first diet drink – TaB -- turns 45!

Though diet products are common today, TaB was quite an innovation back in 1963. In fact, TaB spurred the early growth of low-calorie soft drinks -- a novel idea when the brand arrived on U.S. store shelves.

Tab_introduction_can_2TaB was aimed at women -- particularly those who wished “to keep tab on their calories.” At the time, sugarless beverages really appealed solely to people watching their weight, and the average person on the street would not drink sugar-free beverages like we all do today.

TaB has seen its share of changes in its 45 years. Look for more posts about TaB in the future. (I have a lot to say, and you’d be here a long time if I told you all about the brand in this one story!)

One more thing though: Today, TaB sometimes can be difficult to find. And no one knows that better than our very loyal (extremely loyal!) TaB drinkers. They love TaB, and will go to almost any lengths to find their favorite drink!

Do you drink TaB? What have you done to find it?