All over the world, Coca-Cola is adapting and innovating to keep pace with changing consumer trends and needs. And one of these innovations recently landed a major award in Bulgaria.

The one-of-a-kind Coca-Cola 750-ml returnable glass bottle, developed specifically for the Bulgarian market, was named "best innovation" in the beverages category of the country's first-ever Product of the Year awards.

The bottle launched in 2016 to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 130th anniversary, but with a modern twist dedicated to the iconic glass bottle. The innovative package was designed to encourage people to pick one up on their way home from work to share with family and friends.

Take a Coke Home

With Bulgarian households getting smaller – 60 percent now comprise only one or two members – shopping habits are changing. More people are picking up essentials on their way home instead of doing a big weekly shop.

To tempt shoppers to include a bottle of Coca-Cola in their shopping baskets, Coca-Cola Bulgaria developed the new 750-ml glass bottle as the perfect pack to take home. 

Good for the Environment

The "returnability" of the 750-ml bottle also boosted its popularity and was a key aspect of the consumer promotion. In the end, the new bottle became so popular in Bulgaria that the company invested 2.5 million euros to build an assembly line to produce this larger version of the iconic contour bottle, which is still the only of its kind for Coca-Cola, anywhere in the world.

Stoyan Ivanov, franchise manager for Coca-Cola Bulgaria and Adria says, “While working on the project, our main goal was to offer our consumers the possibility to bring our iconic glass bottle into their homes at an affordable price. We always like to give consumers as much choice as possible, and so when Bulgarians enjoy Coca-Cola at home, we have sizes that are suitable for small, medium and large households: 750 ml, 1.25 L, and 2 L. This innovation was a popular hit not only with shoppers, but also retailers. We even received respect and positive feedback from our competitors.

He added, "We are honored to win the first Product of the Year award in Bulgaria for offering our consumers one more option to bring home the iconic glass bottle, while enjoying Coca-Cola taste with their families.”