Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Muhtar Kent recently conducted an interview with Foreign Affairs’ Magazine Managing Editor Jonathan Tepperman on the importance of immigration reform and its potential effect on the global economy. In the videotaped interview for Foreign Affairs’ FOCUS, Kent said that the United States has an opportunity to promote immigration reform on a global basis, which is increasingly important for healthy economies.

Kent:“I think at a time when we have such an economic crisis in the world, there is a greater need for free trade of goods, but also a greater need for free flow of people that will benefit the world. When you look at many countries around the world, like Japan and like parts of Europe that have populations that are going to decrease over the next 20-30 years, demographics are going to be a very important factor in the well-being of these countries that are going to have population reductions. Therefore, I think we need to have a general policy around the world for more free flow of people, particularly people that can add to those countries that they want to migrate to.”

The interview followed an event with Muhtar Kent and members of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City.

To watch Kent in his own words click below or read his recent USA Today OpEd on immigration.