Leave it to Fanta to inject some flavor – literally – into the somewhat staid medium of print advertising.

While preparing to re-launch Fanta orange in the Middle East, the brains behind the brand needed a breakthrough idea to get people to try – and talk about – the new-and-improved taste.

The solution? A fully edible ad printed on rice paper and infused with the super-secret Fanta formula. The copy describes the new taste and invites readers to remove the ad from its protective sleeve, tear off a piece and bite into it. Take a look.

“Fanta is all about bringing back play to seemingly boring situations where it has evaporated,” explains Tarun Sabhlok, group brand manager, flavors, Coca-Cola Middle East. “With the launch of our new orangey taste, we wanted to create a multisensory experience people would remember and want to share with their friends.”

After debuting in a Dubai-based lifestyle magazine earlier this year, the ad quickly generated a buzz within the global advertising community and among Fanta fans via social media. Additional publications across the Middle East will launch it in the coming weeks.

The ad is part of a broader campaign showcasing the orangey sights, sounds and taste of Fanta. Motion sensor-enabled retail displays release an orange aroma and alert shoppers with an audio message as they approach, and a creative Facebook app lets consumers record a “slurping” sound to virtually drink the luscious orange liquid as it fills their computer screens and compete with friends online.