Earlier this week, we launched a massive redesign of the Coca-Cola Journey front page to celebrate our first year. As we reintroduce our site and our mission to readers, we'd also like to take a moment and reintroduce the people behind the publication.

What better opportunity to meet the team than on #Throwback Thursday? We're all a little more than one year old ourselves, but we hope this #TBT brings a smile to your face!

Ashley Brown: Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media

Ashley Brown

"I was way ahead of my time and into selfies at a very young age."

Natalie Johnson: Senior Manager, Digital Communications & Social Media 

Natalie Johnson

"Look at that happy kid and the 70s eyewear!"

Ashley Callahan: Managing Editor, Coca-Cola Journey

Ashley Callahan

"This picture is a good reminder to me 'cowgirl up' and take a fearless approach to life. I was 9 years old in this photo, galloping Lair wide open at Laughing Water Ranch in Montana."

Jay Moye: Senior Writer/Editor, Coca-Cola Journey

Jay Moye

"Man, I wish I still had those pants!"

Jan Schneider: Production Manager, Coca-Cola Journey

Jan Schneider

"The Sixties baby, yeah! Here I am rocking the house with Mom and Dad in 1968."

Mallory Perkins: Social Media Analyst

Mallory Perkins

The rest of the team is all pretty sure Mallory never actually aged a day.

Emily Bucherati: Digital Communications Specialist

Emily Bucherati

"This is me and my dad sometime around 1987. Over 25 years later, we're now working at the same company, making me a second-generation Coke girl."

Meagan Priselac: Intern, Coca-Cola Journey

Meagan Priselac

"Daddy's baby girl...Stealing all the attention began at an early age."