On this day in 2002, we introduced diet Vanilla Coke -- a direct result of requests from the public.

When Vanilla Coke came out earlier that year, it reminded a lot of people of the 1950s soda fountain days, when you could ask for a “shot” of flavors like vanilla (or lime or chocolate) in your Coke.

Vanilla Coke had its May 8, 2002, debut at the Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfret, Connecticut. A member of our media relations group found the Café on the Internet, and thought it would make the perfect launch spot for the new brand.

Diet_vanilla_cokeVanilla Coke also had its debut with a live taste test on NBC's “The Today Show,” and the brand soon appeared around the world.

Thousands of people contacted Coke and asked for a diet version of the new drink. Coca-Cola listened, and on August 8, 2002, announced that we would make diet Vanilla Coke. Just a few months later, on October 15, diet Vanilla Coke (now called Vanilla Coke Zero) was introduced across the U.S. and Canada.

Vanilla Coke had briefly been replaced for a bit with Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, but returned in 2007. In fact, we celebrated its comeback by making a record-breaking Vanilla Coke float at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta.

Did you drink Coke with vanilla at soda fountains, or did you prefer another flavor? Tell me about it!