At Coca-Cola, we understand the value of transparency. It is important to our consumers, partners, investors and other critical stakeholders. And, it is important to us.

While sharing stories of our sustainability programs and their progress is meaningful, and we will continue to do so, we also recognize the need to report quantifiable metrics and targets as they relate to our environmental performance and impact. One of the ways we have been reporting this data is through Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Based in the United Kingdom, CDP motivates companies and cities across the world’s largest economies to measure and disclose their environmental information. CDP holds the largest collection globally of voluntarily reported climate change, water and forest-risk data. This publicly available information enables companies, investors and cities to better mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities and make investment decisions that drive action toward a more sustainable world.

Here you will find our 2018 CDP Climate Change and CDP Water disclosures.

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to transparency, and working every day to enhance our reporting efforts.

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