On Jan. 25, 2008, now-retired Coca-Cola Archivist Phil Mooney penned the first post, and Coca-Cola Conversations was born. “Conversations” was the first blog launched by The Coca-Cola Company, and from the beginning, it was a place where we could share stories about Coca-Cola history, collectibles, advertising and the brand's role in pop culture. During the five-plus years that followed, the Archives team wrote more than 850 posts.

We always tried to find interesting items, photographs or items in our collection to share. While we are not an appraisal service and cannot give values, we tried to use our experience in the collectibles area to share information with readers. “Conversations” was a group effort, with plenty of writers' credits to share; we even got our interns in on the act. I do want to recognize former Archives staff member Helen Nash, who wrote many of the posts.

With the launch of the new History section on Coca-Cola Journey, we have migrated the 850 or so stories to this site. The legacy content is still available, and we look forward to adding to it in the months and years to come.