The Red Disc or “button” sign has been used to advertise Coca-Cola since 1947. The sign was originally designed in five sizes: 4 feet, 3 feet, 2 feet, 16 inches and 1 foot. The most common of the discs is metal with the red background, and white logo. A rarer version displayed fruit, a single bottle of Coke, a lobster, a 6-pack of bottles and anything a retailer would like to have custom printed.

Most of the discs were used outside a building and were combined with other signs, such as the name of the establishment. The strong graphic image became a cornerstone for outdoor point of sale signage, especially when placed at eye level and in areas where traffic moved slowly. In 1948, the discs began to be hung inside a place of business as advertising and decoration. Red Disc images also appeared in print advertising up through the 1960’s when the Arciform or “fish tail” signs began to be used.