One of the great things about my job is that I am always learning new things and discovering new resources that are available to collectors. Recently, I was contacted by a publication I was not familiar with-The Collectors Weekly- to do an interview about Coca-Cola memorabilia.Attached is a link to that interview:

This on-line, free newsletter covers the entire spectrum of collectibles from glass and furniture to stamps and coins. It is very inclusive and offers something for anybody who is a collector.There is a special section of the newsletter that is devoted to Coca-Cola that includes interviews with collectors, links to collector galleries and websites of interest, including this one, and news articles about Coke collectibles.

One of the outstanding features of this site is their coverage of eBay auctions. If you ever have tried to browse through eBay offerings about Coca-Cola, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be.This site simplifies the process and gives you information on the top Coca-Cola items currently being auctioned.Additionally, it allows you to see prices realized for Coca-Cola items for the last week. What a great service to collectors trying to get a sense of what their prized possessions are worth in the open marketplace! This is truly a one stop resource that is well worth a bookmark. Here is a link to that section of the site and some of the other features referenced:

I do receive lots of comments on the blog requesting evaluations of items they hold. As long term readers know, I am unable to provide individual appraisals but try to use the posts to talk about trends in the marketplace and to highlight specific auctions.The Collectors Weekly site is the closest thing you will find to an instant appraisal. Even the best researched, most complete price guide is dated from the moment it is published. To see real values ina a real auction environment, the eBay tracker is tough to beat.

I should also note that the Weekly has selected this blog for their Hall of Fame. I am greatly appreciative of this recognition.

I would love to hear your impressions of this site after you have visited.