The Coca-Cola Company’s board of directors recently found itself in an Atlanta warehouse under bright lights, poised in front of cameras. It was the final stop of FORTUNE magazine’s traveling photo shoot for the annual portfolio of The Directors, which hits newsstands this week in the annual FORTUNE 500 issue.

Now in its fifth year, the glossy roadshow profiles a handful of the country’s most impressive corporate and nonprofit boards. The Directors captures each board against a backdrop that clearly showcases its mission or brand. For instance, the 2012 issue portrayed the McDonald’s board gathered around a table enjoying burgers and fries, and Procter & Gamble’s board members were pictured holding babies in diapers. The search for the perfect scenario begins months before the shoot itself and involves location scouts, product reviews and extensive research. Read more about the popularity of the issue.

For the Coca-Cola shoot on April 24, board members stood on, balanced against and even sat behind the wheels of shiny red Coca-Cola hybrid delivery trucks – just minutes after the company’s annual meeting of shareowners concluded. Renowned photographer Gregg Segal and FORTUNE photo editor Alix Colow decided to create a “room” out of four hybrid Coca-Cola trucks. They believed the red color, contour bottle and Spencerian script logo on the trucks immediately said “Coca-Cola” and would be recognized as the classic, global brand. The hybrid logos on the doors of the contemporary trucks also showed the company’s commitment to sustainability.

After a full day of moving the trucks and angling the cabs to better show the side-load compartments, the crew found the perfect spot. Amid laughter and last-minute maneuvers, the shoot took less than 15 minutes altogether and delivered a classic photo of leadership for the world’s most recognized brand. Take a look.