Dr. Shell Huang, a research fellow at The Coca-Cola Company and one of the world’s leading polymer scientists, is helping the environment one bottle at a time. And her son wants to tell you about it in this two-minute video highlighting her work on Coke's PlantBottle packaging technology, the world’s first fully recyclable PET bottle plastic made with up to 30 percent plant material.

Daniel Huang talks about his mom

Dr. Huang's son, Daniel, narrates the film. He talks about what makes PlantBottle packaging – and his mom – special.

In the video, filmed the day before Mother's Day 2011, Daniel talks about what makes PlantBottle packaging, and his mom, special. "She's really concerned about the environment and what tomorrow will be like for future generations," Daniel says of his mom. "She invented a bottle... that’'s really great."

"I feel that I'm not only working for The Coca-Cola Company, I'm working for the planet and all the consumers who will have a choice when they pick up a PlantBottle package. They will feel good about themselves by doing something better for the environment," Dr. Huang said about the PlantBottle packaging initiative.

Telling the Story

The concept for the video came about during a brainstorming session before the PlantBottle packaging's rollout in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Stafford Green, who leads the Paris-based Coca-Cola Content Factory, had the idea of telling the story from Daniel’s perspective. "As we were thinking of creative ways to tell the PlantBottle packaging story, we saw the opportunity to not only focus on this great sustainable innovation but also to bring to life members of the team behind its development," recalls Katherine Schermerhorn, communications manager, corporate external affairs. "Shell immediately came to mind."

"When I met Shell, it was clear to me that she was an extraordinary scientist who truly believes in what she does," Green says. "And when I met Daniel, I knew his curious perspective of the world would create a very personal connection to Shell and her work, and provide the best narrative for PlantBottle packaging."

Setting an Example

As for Daniel, he says his mom sets a good example not only by driving a hybrid car and encouraging recycling at home but also by working hard and collaborating with others. "Just following in her footsteps, I think, would be a good idea."