I read a news story last Friday that a new group of people who have had no contact with the outside world has been discovered in a remote corner of the Amazonian rainforest. It turns out more than 100 “uncontacted tribes” remain worldwide. That’s pretty amazing. And though I know fiction and fact are very different, in reading about this group I was reminded of the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy.”

While I’ve mentioned a few movies that featured Coke and diet Coke in cameo appearances (a vending machine in the background, someone drinking a diet Coke on screen, etc.), this is a movie in which Coke – or a Coke bottle, to be exact – plays a major role.

This South African movie about a Coke bottle that literally falls from the sky and lands among a remote village of Bushmen caught the public by storm. The movie shows how something as commonplace as a Coca-Cola bottle can be a new – and sometimes trouble-causing experience – to this remote tribe.

If you haven’t seen this movie, or haven’t seen it in a few years, you might want to rent it and have a laugh!