Despite all the scary headlines about eating too many sweets, the latest science shows there may not be too much to worry about – as long as you consume your calories in moderation.  

On July 15, a blog on the website of Scientific American took a close look at all the evidence and asserts that the fears about sugars are overblown. The author, Ferris Jabr, points out that a small group of doctors and nutritionists have been stirring up concerns in the popular press.

The trouble is, the doctors are drawing their conclusions from experiments on rats and mice, which are very different from people, Jabr says. If you suddenly start feeding rodents large quantities of sweet foods, they’re likely to get sick, whereas humans might be just fine.

Jabr doesn’t tell us that we should skip dinners and go straight to dessert. He urges readers to eat a balanced variety of healthy foods – and always in moderation. He also tells us to stick with an exercise routine that builds muscle and flexibility. This may sound a little simplistic, Jabr admits, “but it is actually a far more nuanced approach to good health than vilifying a single molecule in our diet.” Read the full article here:  Scientific American.