Honest Tea joined the Earth Day New York festivities on Sunday by bringing The Great Recycle tour to Union Square. The nation’s top-selling organic bottled tea company partnered with retailer Duane Reade to crowdsource 20,946 empty containers that will now be recycled.

The Great Recycle encouraged consumers to redeem empty beverage containers of any size for items tablet computers, bicycles, gift cards and more. One family of six had been collecting recyclables for weeks and brought down over 1,300 empty beverage containers. The more beverage containers each person recycles, the more valuable the reward he or she can redeem. 

Honest Team launched The Great Recycle in 2012 in New York’s Times Square with the goal of helping to boost national recycling rates. The experiential tour has since visited 20 states and recycled more than 540,000 beverage containers. 

The Great Recycle will head to Texas later this summer for a series of events in partnership with Whole Foods Markets. Here’s the full schedule:

Wednesday, August 12: Whole Foods Market (WFM) Arbor Trails

Thursday, August 13: WFM Gateway

Friday, August 14: WFM Domain

Saturday, August 15: WFM Vineyard

Sunday, August 16: WFM Quarry

Monday, August 17: Travel to Dallas

Tuesday, August 18: WFM Parkway

Wednesday, August 19: WFM Addison

Thursday, August 20: WFM Plano

Friday, August 21: WFM Colleyville

Saturday, August 22: WFM Highland Village

Sunday, August 23: Travel to Houston

Monday, August 24: WFM The Woodlands

Tuesday, August 25: WFM Voss

Wednesday, August 26: WFM Post Oak

Learn more at www.thegreatrecycle.com.