In 2013, Coca-Cola set out to become the world’s most socially responsive and engaged marketing organization by launching a network of more than 20 consumer interaction centers around the world linked to an Atlanta-based hub.

The Hub Network analyzes social conversations about The Coca-Cola Company and its brands and empowers its more than 2,200 global marketers to deliver a better, faster and more efficient response to real-time social media opportunities and emerging risks. This is achieved through a suite of social listening, analysis and engagement tools along with a team of social strategists and analysts connecting marketers around the globe. 

A modern-day call center, The Hub network’s 300 analysts and strategists operate 24/7 to provide a global perspective to local issues. So a marketer in Addis Ababa can tap into The Hub Network for real-time insights and shared learnings in order to react quickly to conversations, instead of having to wait until the Atlanta team starts its workday.

Inside the Hub lead image

“Brand Coke is mentioned over 35 times per minute somewhere around the world, so The Hub team develops tools, products and platforms to enable our markets to engage in those conversations in real time,” said Doug Busk, group director, social and digital communications.

Jen Miller, director of platform strategy, adds, “Our capabilities focus on helping Coke marketers and brands track the conversation evolution – where a social issue is coming from, where it’s going, and how it’s evolving across our system. We also try to provide a consistent voice to issues and opportunities so we act as one.”

Take a look at this short video to learn more about the people, practices and platforms that connect Coke’s social activities worldwide: