Several years ago I was able to record an interview with Bill Backer.  Backer served in a variety of roles with McCann Erickson, our longtime advertising agency.  He began in the mail-room but eventually graduated to songwriter, copy editor, and eventually Creative Director for the Coca-Cola account.  Backer was responsible for a number of campaign readers would remember.  He wrote the jingles "Things go Better with Coke," "It's the Real Thing," and, most importantly, came up with the inspiration for the song, "I't Like to buy the World a Coke."  I have told that story in an extensive article I wrote for the Library of Congress and have blogged about that story in the past. 


Today I want to share excerpts from the video I recorded with Bill.  He played the jingle alone on the piano at the conclusion of the interview. I really enjoyed the day I was privileged to spend with this advertising genius.


Bill Backer