2013 was Unbottled's first full year as a blog. It's been a time of testing and playing with all the content we've had to offer so far. We also love data, and it only makes sense to look back at the last year to reflect on the most-read posts. Here are the top 10 from 2013 (excluding job postings):

  1. Ryan Seacrest Foundation: Flashback with Coca-Cola
  2. The Big Story Behind Coke's (Viral Video) Small World Machines
  3. Living For Monday: What Top Performers Do Differently in Their First 10 Years at Work
  4. The Truth About the Coca-Cola Scholarship
  5. Kick-Starting Football Dreams From India to Colorado
  6. From Startup to Scaleup: The Next Wave of Innovation
  7. A Coke and a Smile: Sharing a Moment of Happiness in Flood Ravaged Colorado
  8. Discover a World of New Music with '52 Songs of Happiness'
  9. Exercise: Inspiring Americans to Rediscover the Joy of Activity
  10. Exec Learns Firsthand How the Homeless Live

Special shout-outs go to the following two posts highlighting a couple big milestones for Unbottled and Journey in 2013:

  1. Our Blog #CokeUnbottled Gets a New Look
  2. Behind the Scenes of Coke Germany's Journey (The first market to launch Coca-Cola Journey!)

What do you think? Does the list illustrate your interests or do you hope for different content in 2014? Let us know in the comments: What are your 2014 content wishes?

Mallory Perkins is Social Media Analyst at The Coca-Cola Company and manages Coca-Cola Unbottled.