Coca-Cola partner Misfit, makers of the ultimate in minimalist wearables, have announced the introduction of Flash. 

With many of the same features as the Misfit Shine, a sleek activity monitor designed to track everything from steps and calories to sleep, the Flash comes at a price point that has the budget conscious consumer in mind.

“Flash is the only fully featured activity and sleep tracker in the world for under $50, making it an incredible value,” said Tim Golnik, VP of product and design at Misfit.

Flash allows users to monitor progress toward daily activity goals, such as swimming, biking or hiking. With a battery that doesn’t require charging, it can also be worn anywhere from wrist to shoes, or even a keychain. The sleep monitor allows users to track sleep duration and quality, taking the quantified self to the next level as users recharge to take on a new day.

Flash syncs with the Misfit app available on iOS and Android phones, comes in a wide array of colors and is available for purchase at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Walmart, Sports Authority and other retailers worldwide. For more information, visit: