Theme Song-1 Our intern, Justine Fletcher, came across an interesting piece of Coke music history as she was working on a project. Here's the story, in her own words:

"Dancing with the Stars with the tango, waltz, and rumba has nothing on us in the Archives. We recently found some information in a box marked, "Music" various sheet music and background on Coca-Cola jingles. For our classical music lovers you might like to know that in 1930, orchestra leader Leonard Joy composed the Theme Music for the Coca-Cola Company. Leonard had his own orchestra and the story goes that he wrote the music in one sitting at the piano. Originally a tango that didn't go over well with audiences, Joy changed the music to a waltz and it became an instant hit. Actually, the song doesn't have a name - on the original score, Joy wrote, "Coca-Cola Signature". Joy was on the air for The Coca-Cola Company for only one year and later went onto work for NBC."

This sample clip at the link below which features the Coca-Cola Theme Song in the background. It is from a June 14, 1954 edition of the "Coke Time" with Eddie Fisher radio program. As you will hear, the guests on that show were Harry Belafonte, Fred Robbins and of course, America's favorite young singer Eddie Fisher.

Click here to listen to Coke Time clip