OK, that may be a bit premature, but – as someone from Massachusetts – I have to support my team! I’m picking New England to win 24-14.

While some people may be watching the Big Game just for the commercials, I’ll be watching to see my team claim victory. My list of connections to the game – and the Patriots – keeps growing.Lg_vitaminwater2

I can’t wait to see our new ads run on Sunday. If you read the press release about this year’s ads, you’ve seen we’ll have the two commercials for Coke, and there is an ad running for vitaminwater featuring NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal as a jockey, of all things. You may not know that last year Coke acquired Energy Brands, Inc., known as glacéau, and its brands including vitaminwater, smartwater, fruitwater and vitaminenergy.

I’ve been telling you this week about Coke’s strong link to the Big Game, down to the famous “Mean” Joe Greene ad.

But those are just connections to the overall game. What about the Pats?

Well, they have two players from the University of Georgia, Benjamin Watson and Richard Seymour. It’s not only a school with unbelievable support in Atlanta, but my son is also in law school there.

To be fair, the state of Georgia is also represented on the Giants roster. James Butler, Michael Matthews and Gerris Wilkinson come from Georgia Tech (just across the street from our Headquarters) and Danny Ware is from the University of Georgia.

So with all of these connections, I don’t think the Pats can lose. Of course, you can check back Monday and see if I’ve had to change the title of this post!