One part of my job is to help blend Coke’s heritage with today’s business. That's what I try to do on this blog, and it's also taken shape in another project lately.

My team and I have been working with our Marketing colleagues and a new restaurant that opens today in Atlanta -- called Holeman and Finch Public House -- to help them serve the perfect Coca-Cola to guests.

Coke looked at this idea decades ago, of course, and we've always known there was an ideal temperature and other environmental factors that helped a Coke taste best. We shared this with the Holeman and Finch team, and realized that each person has his or her own perfect serve of Coca-Cola. Do you like shaved ice or crushed ice? Do you want ice at all or just the ice-cold glass and Coke? Do you want to add a touch of lime or even ginger to your Coke?

At the new Public House restaurant, guests will get a unique experience of the Perfect Serve. See more in this video -- my first video appearance on my blog!

We're thrilled to have partnered with Holeman and Finch on this project, and love the idea of returning the artistry to the act of serving a Coke.

Please tell me what your perfect serve is. Mine is the contour bottle taken from an ice-cold cooler and consumed on the spot.

(See part 2 of the "Perfect Serve.")