What powers you? For the 10,000 athletes competing in the 2016 Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games, the answer will be POWERADE.

The official sports drink of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is launching its most impactful campaign yet this summer, bringing together the brand’s iconic blue color and the blue blood of Medieval knights to create “The Power of Blue Blood.”

Working to represent their countries and land, Medieval Blue Bloods were the elites of their era. However, their nobility would not have continued to rule without the loyalty of their knights. Whether nobility or a commoner, all those hoping to become a knight in Medieval Europe landed on an equal playing field, starting as a child and training for years before securing the title. During this training, hopefuls work to develop discipline, reach peak athletic shape, and perfect various mental and physical skills.

“The Olympic Games provides a rare opportunity for us to tell the POWERADE story in a new way," said Tutul Rahman, global director, sports drinks, The Coca-Cola Company. "'The Power of Blue Blood' is all about how modern athletes can exemplify the beliefs and ideals of the knights of bygone eras as modern warriors striving for glory on the highest stage. The world’s best athletes use our products when they need to be able to compete at their best, so we look forward to seeing POWERADE fuel those competing in Rio to take their sports to new heights.” 

The campaign, which will launch in 50 countries, features a film directed by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister; out-of-home and print advertising; retail merchandising and a real-time social media activation during the Games. 

The "Power of Blue Blood" campaign features athletes who have dedicated years to their sport and risen to the top. Achieving top physical condition, these athletes are fighting to represent their countries on the world’s largest stage: the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

POWERADE aims to bring Blue Bloods into the modern age, drawing a parallel with the many shared qualities of the Medieval knights and Olympic athletes. “Actively choosing to be the best and working towards their goals with time, determination and passion, these athletes have become the elite—they have become the new Blue Bloods of our era,” Rahman added.

These new Blue Bloods are the elites of our era: they choose the best gear and they fuel with the best sports drink. POWERADE is the only sports drink that includes ION4, helping to replace four major electrolytes that are lost in sweat to help athletes power harder for longer.

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To power these Olympians through the 16 days of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, POWERADE is gifting each of the athlete with a specially designed POWERADE squeeze bottle. Olympians will be able to customize their limited-edition bottle by engraving their name onto the side.