Coke partnered with the Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam design studio to create the visual identity system (VIS ) – that's designer-speak for a campaign’s look-and-feel – for the teen-focused Coca-Cola Music platform. The end result is the brand’s first-ever VIS to embrace digital technology and motion.


At its core is an application Coke teams around the world can use to create dynamic sound signatures. The app, built around the iconic Coca-Cola contour bottle, generates bubbles that emanate from the bottle like sound waves. The sound signatures can be generated from any music track to create limitless versions of the Coca-Cola Music logo, each with its own distinct energy.

Another key component of the VIS is a bank of raw, unpolished photos capturing authentic music moments between friends – from teens at a festival, to teens enjoying music together and on their own.

We invited Joseph Burrin, head of design for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, to share how his team created the VIS. Here's what he had to say:

Just like teens, music is a dynamic energy that’s always evolving and mutating. Remixes and re-edits, new approaches and revivals, samples and originals, fads and classics... no music is ever the same, but it’s still undeniably music. That’s where its beauty lies.


So we asked ourselves if we could bring these principles to the fore in the Coca-Cola Music visual identity.

We wanted to embrace the vitality of music and youth by creating a playful and fun visual identity system. A visual identity with motion at its core, that teens can customize and own, that adapts to different needs, and that makes the link between Coke, music and teens more genuine and explicit. 

Our solution: a sound-reactive logo emanating from the most recognizable of Coke assets, the contour bottle – an EQ of bubbles bursting into life. And with digital media having a huge impact on how our core youth audience listens to music, it makes sense that digital considerations are at the heart of our idea.

The digital arena also allows us to fully embrace music’s dynamic energy, which has formed the basis of our logo. Hence we built an application – the Music Mark Creator – teams could use internally to create infinite static and sequenced sound signatures which they can customize with the various controllable particle parameters – size, amount, angle and color.

Take a look: