Manchester, England’s Bipolar Sunshine is next up on our ‘happy’ themed series of artist curated Spotify playlists.

Watch one of his music videos now - Love More, Worry Less:

Former front man of UK band, KiDBRiTiSH, the now solo act has just finished his UK headline tour and has also spent the last year supporting the likes of Haim, Bastille and Rudimental. His new single, ‘Where Did The Love Go’ is out on Monday 14th April.

Here is his Happiness Spotify Playlist:

We spoke to Adio Marchant AKA Bipolar Sunshine to talk playlist choices, musical influences, and more.

1.    For people who don't know Bipolar Sunshine, please can you describe your sound?

Picture me as child who had four older brothers and one sister... it would be Karen Carpenter, Morrissey, Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Pharrell. We had no TV so all we could do was talk to each other with music.

2.    What’s the 'happiest' song you’ve ever written?

Deckchairs On The Moon… just for the romance of pure escapism that it gives me. 

3.    Tell us about the tracks on the playlist and why you chose them?

I associate these songs with happiness because they remind me of certain points in my life where I was actually happy, I shared some great moments with some great people which I will never forget. Nostalgia plays a big part when choosing songs that bring happiness.

4.    We think happiness is better when it’s shared, can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you’d want to share it with?

Style Council - You're The Best Thing. 
I would like to share it with Emilia Clarke as she is the main reason I watch Game Of Thrones. 

5.    Do you listen to anything that your fans might find surprising?

I'm pretty open with my fans but they may not know that I love The Carpenters.

6.    2013 seemed like an eventful year for you, what does 2014 hold in store?

To continue to enjoy what I'm doing, I really want to help people out around me who are inspiring to do great things, and if I can be part of someone else's happiness then it's a good thing.