Hot off the release of their debut EP Mam, Birmingham band Superfood are next up on our artist curated Spotify playlists.

The band, who alongside fellow Midlands acts such a Peace and Swim Deep are key contributors to the new wave of British guitar music.

Touring the UK in May with Wolf Alice, we spoke with the group to find out more about life on the road.

1. For people not familiar with Superfood, please could you describe your sound?

Since we formed a year ago we've been writing loud songs that sound good in small clubs that you can stand and groove to or jump around and lose your mind.

 2. You’ve supported a lot of people on tour over the last year, who’s been your favourite band to play with?

The first tour we did was with Peace. We have all been really good friends from before we were all even in bands so that was obviously a real fun tour.

3. You recently released your debut EP, Mam. What were your influences for making this record?

The songs on this E.P were the first few songs we wrote. The general theme throughout the EP is about getting up and trying to do something that will make you happy.

4. Talk us through the songs on your Spotify playlist and why you chose them?

Because they are all amazing songs!

5. We believe that happiness is better shared, please can you pick a song from your playlist and tell us who you’d like to share it with?

Sun Lips - Black Moth Super Rainbow. Id like to share this track with Walt Jr. because he's had a rough old time over the years. Where is he?

6. Lastly, what does the rest of 2014 have in store for you?

We have an album coming out this year and we'll be playing all over this glorious land throughout the rest of the year.