It all started with a tweet. This tweet to be exact.

A tweet that ignited an ever-lasting love affair between Coca-Cola Music and independent husband and wife music duo, High Dive Heart.

A tweet that led to many more tweets, a music video, fan Periscopes, a Spotify playlist and yes, that on-going love affair between Coca-Cola Music and the two love birds that make up High Dive Heart, Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy. So back to the infamous 140 character limit of social love…

Once Upon a Tweet…

On a cold November day, @CokeMusic Manager Yuri Pereira decided to warm up the Twittersphere with a special song called “Vintage” by the emerging music group High Dive Heart.

“When I first listened to the song, I thought it was actually perfect for winter because it makes you want to be around other people. It warms you up,” explains Pereira.

So he tweeted their video with hopes of bringing people together on a chilly (almost) winter day. The Coke Music team then sent "Share a Coke" bottles with “Vintage” and “High Dive Heart” printed on them, and added the song to Coca-Cola’s Spotify playlist. 

What happened next? Watch for yourself...

High Dive Heart returned the love with a Coca-Cola remake of their hit EP, “Vintage”.

The idea originated from Joy’s father, who suggested the two artists show thanks for Coca-Cola’s support. Joy and Reeves, who write their lyrics together, sing and play guitar, took his advice, and took it to the next level.

That Classic ‘Pop Top’ Sound

As the title suggests, the original song and music video features acoustics produced by vintage objects. Sounds like the typing of a typewriter and the click of an old-school camera. That’s where Patrick Tracy, the “visual member” of the band who filmed the “Vintage” music video, saw a unique opportunity to play up the Coke connection.

“Initially, we were trying to find a cool way to incorporate Coca-Cola product in the video. It felt really natural and like a no-brainer to start with the sounds of the Coke bottle,” says Tracy.

So they did. The duo experimented with producing percussion out of Coke cans and bottles. 

“This was my favorite part,” admits Reeves. “The combination between popping the top of a Coke bottle and cracking open a can… they’re two of the most iconic and vintage sounds in the world. You know what comes after it… refreshment.”

One week and several Coke bottles popped later, High Dive Heart took to Twitter to say thank-you with their new video.

Back at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta, Pereira opened his laptop, pulled up the @CokeMusic Twitter, and then boom… “Wait, what?!” He thought out loud. “This is too good.”

For the next however many minutes (he lost count) Pereira watched the “Vintage” Coca-Cola remake video over and over and yes, over again.

“It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen related to Coke. We didn’t ask them to do it… it was so unexpected. I’ve never seen an artist come back to us with a music video or any influencer as passionate about our brand,” says Pereira, who immediately shared it with the head of global music at Coca-Cola, Joe Belliotti.

The end.

Okay, only kidding, of course that’s not the end. In fact, it was just the beginning of a relationship Coke Music now models their music artist strategy around.

Diving In Heart First

Ever since the first shout-out from @CokeMusic and the “thank-you” music video that has garnered almost 20,000 YouTube views, High Dive Heart has worked with Coke Music on several projects, including a Spotify playlist and live Periscope series.

High Dive Heart exclusively manages their playlist on Coca-Cola’s Spotify channel, updating the playlist each week. The title? Vintage, of course. The playlist contains 44 songs (and growing) and features a mix of fresh new music and vintage classics that take listeners “on a trip through time aboard a sonic subway.”

In addition to curating Spotify jams, High Dive Heart shows off their live music talent on Coke Music’s Periscope channel. Joy and Reeves starred in Coke Music’s first-ever Periscope. Since the launch, the duo welcomes Coke Music Periscope fans to watch their live shows and even join them live at home where the couple performs new songs, talks about what inspires their music, and takes questions from viewers.

“My dream is to connect artists and fans to give a one-one relationship in real-time,” says Pereira. “Most people don’t have access to this kind of stuff. They can read about artists and music, but they can’t ask someone questions directly. Coke Music is changing that through live streaming and relationships like this,” he adds.

The Next Song and Dance

What started as a tweet is now a mutually beneficial opportunity for both Coke Music and High Dive Heart. For Coca-Cola, the relationship is a prime example of how the company can connect fans to music they love in an authentic way. For High Dive Heart, Joy thanks Coke Music for helping them reach their main goal.

“Ultimately, we want to spread love and change lives, but in order to do that, we have to get this music out to the masses. Coca-Cola is helping us do that,” says Joy.

Reeves echoes his wife’s sentiments, saying it’s an artist’s responsibility to not only say something important and uplifting but to also put those words into action.

“Success is about how many people you can inspire to do something creative and to do something beautiful for our planet and humanity. The main thing we’ll be able to do if we really succeed are things that are not necessarily musically related. We will use our music as an avenue to do things that are positive for the world,” he concludes.

Check @CokeMusic’s Twitter feed for @HighDiveHeart’s weekly Spotify playlist and Periscope streams.

More About High Dive Heart

The musical union of multi-platinum songwriter and solo artist Jason Reeves and singer-songwriter Nelly Joy, all began while working together on Jason’s 2011 solo album The Lovesick—which independently reached #5 on iTunes Pop Albums chart—Nelly had no idea she served as the record’s muse until one fateful night when he spilled the beans.

The two wed in 2012 and joined together musically in 2013 to create High Dive Heart. Coupling folk storytelling, a sharp sense of humor, pop palatability, danceable sass, and a subtle swaggering bounce, they recorded their debut EP Sonic Graffiti. In 2015 they released their first single, “Vintage”. Fans worldwide fell in love with the song. “Vintage” racked up 2 million-plus streams on Spotify in less than six months and landed at #1 on the platform’s Global Viral Chart. The track’s music video reached 500K YouTube views and continues to climb. The duo is now on a multi-city radio tour to promote their single and continues to work with Coca-Cola Music.