Friday Fun!

Coke_and_raccoon_day_2In last week's Friday Fun contest, I asked you to write a caption for this picture.

I received some funny captions for this 1973 Coca-Cola magazine ad showing a raccoon "getting away with" a Coke:

  • Sneak away some time for a Coca-Cola moment.
  • While Mr. Mooney was finding a Friday Fun picture, I got away with his ice cold bottle of Coke.
  • And away we go!
  • And we thought that movie with the talking animals...Over the Hedge! was the first to think of animals drinking yummy cola beverages!
  • I can has Coke!
  • Soooo thirsty!
    Almost. Off. Of. Page.
  • I'm gonna wash my food; um, I mean, wash my food down with this ice cold Coke!
  • Coca-Cola: Easier to open than the locking-lid garbage cans!
  • As soon as he was able, Rocky Raccoon forgot about the girl of his fancy and stole her man Dan's bottle of Coke and swiftly ran away from the black mining hills of Dakota.
  • I can steal this Coke quicker than Daniel Boone can make a hat out of me.
  • You can mask a raccoon, but you can't mask the taste of an ice cold Coke!

The winner is "Coca-Cola: Easier to open than the locking-lid garbage cans!" sent in by gregfitz1902. Congratulations! I'll send you a Coca-Cola prize from our "goodie closet."

And thanks to everyone who submitted a caption.

Please come back tomorrow for the next Friday Fun caption contest! I'm breaking away from the animal theme for at least a week!