Michele Brann may have the most adorable six-pack of Coca-Cola products ever assembled. The content specialist comes home every day to six foster puppies: Coca-Cola, Nos, Monster, Barq’s, Pibb and Fizz.

Brann is a foster volunteer for Angels Among Us, a nonprofit charity dedicated to saving dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in north Georgia. She grew up with rescue dogs as a kid and adopted one from the Humane Society soon after graduating from college. “I’ve always been a dog lover,” she said.

Lisa, the mother of the Coca-Cola puppies, was pregnant when Brann first noticed her in an Angels Among Us Facebook post. The Dachshund was two days away from being put down.

Coke puppies hugging

Brann acted quickly, applying to take Lisa in and saving seven lives in the process. As Lisa’s due date neared, Brann brainstormed names that would hold special meaning for her while helping the puppies stand out in the adoption process. Coca-Cola was a natural fit. 

“We were trying to do something really fun with it,” Brann said. “And everybody loves Coke!” Per the record-keeping rules of Angels Among Us, she could not pick any names that another dog in the system already had. This eliminated brands like Sprite, Fanta and Fresca, and forced Brann to get creative. She was happy to select Coca-Cola, Nos, Monster, Barq’s, Pibb and Fizz. 

Lisa gave birth to six healthy puppies on Aug. 15. They weighed between five and seven ounces at birth and have grown steadily ever since. Brann compared their sizes to Coke selections: although they are currently at mini-can status, they'll soon be up to 2-liter status.

Coke puppies one week

After joining Angels Among Us’ legion of nearly 750,000 Facebook fans, Brann was moved by posts about dogs in need of a new home. About four months ago, Brann began offering to foster dogs, most of which come from kill shelters or extreme neglect situations. Since then, she has fostered six dogs, two of which were adopted by others and one of which she adopted herself.

It only took two weeks to find a loving home for her first foster dog. Brann was inspired by the experience. “You’re helping them find a forever home with a family that will take care of them for the rest of their life,” she said.

Michele and puppies
Michele Brann with the Coca-Cola puppies

Many of the dogs Brann has taken in are recovering from surgery or suffer from a medical condition. “All they really need is somebody to take them in and help them get back to health and then get adopted,” she said. One of her foster dogs, Hero, came from an abuse and neglect situation that left him severely underweight. In three months, she has nursed him back to health and is beginning the search for potential adopters.

If you'd like to learn more about fostering, volunteering, adopting or advocating for Angels Among Us please visit their website (www.angelsrescue.org) and follow them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/angelsrescue).