45 cover-1 I have been working with several markets around the world to highlight The Coca-Cola Company's heritage with popular music.  While creating the time-line, I was reminded how much I enjoy the "A Go Go" or Swing the Jingle campaigns.  We have blogged in the past about the amazing artist who performed the ads. I wanted to share one of the items that is always a hit when we do tours of the Archives for our marketing colleagues.  The day-glow orange sleeve for the 45RPM record certainly catches the eye, but we also have a record player and will play the Ray Charles or Supremes ad.  I even had one younger marketer ask who Petula Clark was and to play that one.  While I can't share them on the blog because of talent restrictions all the artist who participated in this campaign performed with their own styles, making the jingles sound more like popular music than an ad.

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