In 2009 we began our shared value journey at Coca-Cola Brazil though Coletivo, a platform designed to build sustainable communities and deepen our relationships with consumers in under-served, low-income areas. We realized that in order to increase our presence and relevance, we had to keep innovating with communities to address social and economic barriers to growth.

Coletivo was first designed to equip young people throughout Brazil with the technical and life skills required to access employment. Today, Coletivo Retail operates across 126 communities in Brazil, reaching 60,000 youth. More than 70 percent of program participants are women, as part of the Company’s global 5by20 initiative. Among all program graduates, 30 percent find a job within six months of the program, resulting in an average 50 percent increase in household income.

The Coletivo platform has also evolved to include other models across the Coca-Cola value chain that address various social problems.  We’ve learned that the more we connect this work to our core business, competencies and DNA, the more social problems we can solve at a larger scale.

Shared value has enabled us to grow our business, while contributing to meaningful social impact in communities across Brazil. And yet our shared value journey is just beginning. We continue to push ourselves to evolve our work, learn more and think bigger as we embed shared value into the very culture of our organization. Learn more in our case study here.

     -- Claudia Lorenzo, Social Business Director, Coca-Cola Brazil
     -- Pedro Massa, Social Business Manager, Coca-Cola Brazil

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