Coke_1933_fountain_dispenser_2Eighty-five years ago, on May 27, 1933, Coke achieved a notable “first.” In fact, it was a first for the entire soft drink industry – not just for Coca-Cola.

On that day, at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago (similar to a World’s Fair), Coca-Cola debuted the first automatic fountain dispenser, which poured ready-to-drink Coke (already mixed together) at one time.

This may be commonplace today, but – until this day in 1933 – every Coke served at a soda fountain was stirred by hand. The Coke syrup was put in a glass, the carbonated water added and then they were stirred together with a spoon. People were amazed to see this innovation – a Coke served just by pulling a handle!

Can you imagine the lines to get a Coke at a restaurant if this dispenser hadn’t come along?