UPDATE: The winner of last night's big competition was -- The Showgirls! While the Cowboys and the Badlanders did their best to win the day in New Orleans, you decided the ladies in the glam pink and silver outfits deserved to get the Coke — and the worldwide attention. You can watch the final commercial here.

While fans tuning in to the Big Game can't decide the winner on the field, they do have a say in who wins an ice-cold Coke through a creative campaign fusing TV advertising with social, digital and mobile media.

A cinematic commercial titled “Mirage,” which will air during the first half of the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 3, follows three factions of characters – cowboys, badlanders and showgirls – as they trudge through the blazing-hot desert in pursuit of an elusive, ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola.

The 60-second ad closes with a cliffhanging call to action directing viewers to CokeChase.com, where they can help decide the outcome by voting for their favorite team and even sabotaging their rivals in fun, ridiculous ways. Voting will remain open until the final whistle blows during the game, at which time the winner will be revealed in a second Coca-Cola ad.

In fact, the race has already started. Fans can watch “Mirage,” cast their votes and access and share fun content now at CokeChase.com.

‘Gamifying’ the Big Game

Coca-Cola will deliver real-time updates on the teams’ progress through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and photos from the chase will appear on Tumblr and Instagram. Across these channels, fans will find themselves in the middle of the action and enjoy a “behind-the-scenes” look at the characters in their pursuit of the ultimate refresher. The experience will be optimized for all devices and screens – from the desktop to mobile to the tablet.  

Fans can share the fun with their social networks by voting on Twitter using one of three hashtags: #CokeShowgirls, #CokeCowboys or #CokeBadlanders. Those who vote on the day of the Big Game by tweeting @CocaCola with their favorite faction’s hashtag will receive responses back from the team, including a link to the sabotage page on CokeChase.com where they can continue the rally.

Anyone who “likes” or follows the Coke Chase will be rewarded with additional content after the game, and the first 50,000 people who vote and register at MyCokeRewards.com will receive a thank-you coupon for a free Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

Upping the Ante

This is not Coke’s first foray into “second-screen” engagement. During last year’s Big Game, more than 9 million people tuned in a live stream to engage with the Coca-Cola polar bears as they watched and reacted to the telecast– and even the commercials and half-time show – in real time.

The brand decided to avoid the potential trapdoor of a sequel, opting instead to build on the success of the Polar Bowl by broadening and deepening the campaign’s social media reach and giving consumers a more active role to play.

“We’re upping the fun factor by handing the reins over to our consumers and creating tailored content everywhere conversations are happening – before, during and after the Big Game,” said Pio Schunker, senior vice president of Integrated Marketing Communications, Coca-Cola North America.