Coke Sample Coupon We recently acquired a sample coupon that would have been used at the 1933 Centruy of Progress Exhibition in Chicago, Illinois. The fair celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the founding of Chicago.  X30244 The Expo, whose slogan was "Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Adapts," featured numerous exhibits envisioning the future.  Some of the most popular exhibits were the "Homes of the Tomorrow," and one focusing on dream cars.  The innaugural Major Leage All-Star game was held at Comiskey Park in conjunction with the fair.  Over 40 million people attended during the two years the Exposition was operating.

DD03730 The Century of Progress was very important in Coca-Cola history because it was the location for the introduction of the Dole Master fountain dispenser.  We have blogged about the dispenser before, but this was the first automated fountain device to provide cooling at the point of service for carbonated water and syrup.  From the photos, it looks like quite a few of the 40 million people stopped at the Coke booth to get a sample!