Jen Pham-Corbett knows a thing or two about greeting cards. It's her business, in fact.

As co-founder of Farewell Paperie, she designs and produces a creative line of cards and paper goods that blend snark with sentiment. She and her team even hand-print their custom creations on a pair of antique letterpress machines in their Seattle studio before shipping them off to hundreds of retailers across the U.S.

“We make our cards to sound like our own conversations with friends -- a little silly, a lot of banter and always with goodwill in mind,” explains the former advertising copywriter. “We mix in a love of color, typography and texture to make small, thoughtful gestures a big stinkin' deal.”

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we asked Pham-Corbett -- a mom-to-be herself -- to share a few tips for picking out the perfect card. Here are her suggestions:

1. Always Be Original.

Pick a card that says something unique, something that only you could remind your mom of. Then write a heartfelt note that thanks her for loving you for all those unique reasons.

2. Go With What She Knows.

Find a card that speaks to your mom's interests. Remember all those yummy cookies she baked for you? Go for a card with a baker's theme. Is she a gardener? Go green thumb with a floral card. And a bouquet of flowers never hurt, either.

3. Say it ‘Wit' Love.

There's nothing like making Mom laugh out loud. Find a card that will bring a smile and show that you appreciate her sense to humor. Let's face it, she needed it to get through raising you.

4. Really Want to Shock Her? Say Thanks for Always Being Right.

You can even go so far as listing all the times you can remember that she was right. After all, she’ll never forget (and may not let you forget, either).

5. Make an Art Project.

Send a card with an artistic image or cool pattern on the front that she can later frame alongside a picture of the two of you from this Mother’s Day. That way, she’ll remember it always.

6. From All of You.

She’s been there for you every step of the way, so why not send a card from all the different “yous” — one from your childhood, adolescence and adulthood, each one thanking her for a special reason she was there for you those many different times. For extra credit, add a reason for thanks from each year of your life!

7. How Much Do You Love Her? Let Her Count the Ways.

Moms always say there's no need to get them anything for Mother's Day. Instead of one big gift, how about a few little trinkets she'd enjoy, along with a card for each one? The cards can have clever hints to the gift inside, along with something different you love about her in each one.

8. When All Other Ideas Escape You, Say it From the Heart.

Jen Pham-Corbett

Jen Pham-Corbett

If there was ever a time to get sentimental, Mother's Day is it. Find a meaningful card, then add a thoughtful note (or better yet -- a letter!) inside that really lets your Mom know all the things you appreciate about your relationship. Add some memories that she'll enjoy reliving, and let her know all the things you're looking forward to doing with her in the future. It'll let her know that you do appreciate all that she's done for you, even if it doesn't get said often enough.

Need additional inspiration? Check out a few of Farewell Paperie's creations in the slideshow above, or visit their online store.