I was sent an article entitled "They'd like to buy the campus a Coke" from Nebraska's Lincoln Journal Star a few months back, about a pair of Nebraska Wesleyan University students who bought Cokes for their peers. I reached out to the students, Nick Myers and Jordan Mruz, to ask why they did it. Here's what they shared:

What do you think of when you hear the song, "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke"?

I guess I just think of people being decent to each other. Taking a break from things, if only for a few minutes, and being happy with life.

What inspired you to buy fellow students a Coke?

We just liked the song and we were talking one day and thought it would be neat to try and make the jingle come to life for a few people. That and it was an opportunity to meet people new people in our building.

Do you know how much it would cost to buy the world a Coke?

A bunch. I suppose it would depend on if you had to buy it at retail price or wholesale.

Are you planning to give away more Cokes in the future?

Yes, although we're not exactly sure when. It will be sometime this spring after the weather warms up a bit. Not sure if we'll continue once we're out of school.

Do either of you have any memories or stories of growing up with Coca-Cola?

Nick: I suppose one memory I have is when I was a little kid and going to [Nebraska] Cornhusker games, they would have Coke ads running on HuskerVision before and after replays. Another is hanging out with my cousins on Independence Day setting off firecrackers all day and having a few Cokes.

In the photo, the Jordan is the one handing the can of Coke to a student while Nick is sitting next to him in the hat. The signs behind them read, "Once Again... We are Buying the World a Coke. Take one and Enjoy. It's The Real Thing" and "Good luck on mid-terms!" I'd like to thank Nick and Jordan for sharing a little Happiness with everyone.