Less is More

For many of us, staying active and eating a balanced diet can be a daily struggle. We make choices throughout the day, every day that will inevitably affect our overall well-being. Take the elevator or the stairs this morning?  Add or hold the mayo at lunch?  Spin class or drive home after work?  All these decisions  have an impact on our lives. At Coca-Cola, we want to help give you what you need when you make those decisions.  That’s why we’re offering more low and zero calorie drinks, sharing calorie counts on the front of nearly all of our packages and vending machines and sponsoring community sports teams.

For 126 years, Coca-Cola has been bringing people together to create positive change around the world.  It’s our history and our story and one we want to share.  That’s why Coke launched this video showcasing our ongoing efforts to inspire Americans to live happier and more active lives.

This video tells our story of how we are working to help lead in the fight against obesity.  We believe that uniting industry, government and civil societies is just the beginning in addressing one of today’s most pressing issues – obesity. We hope you will join us in our efforts to address these tough challenges, because together is always how we have made good things happen. We believe we can make an impact together. Do you believe?

Diana Garza Ciarlante is Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications, Coca-Cola Refreshments, North America

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