Given its rich history and cultural diversity, DC is by far the best market in which to be a Coca-Cola ambassador. There is no shortage of events to support – from sports to the arts to even the most presidential affairs! The local team here in DC has helped the Company support the White House Easter Egg Roll for more than 20 years. In one of my former roles as Sales Center Manager in Capitol Heights, Maryland, I was directly involved in the White House Easter Egg Roll from 1992 to 1998. Every year, I looked forward to us activating on the south lawn and love seeing the families have fun.

When I heard that Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness would make its capital city debut at the Easter Egg Roll I felt it was my duty – as a veteran - to support. 

I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, United States Army Reserves in May 1983 through the University of Alabama’s ROTC Program while on scholarship playing football. In 1987, I was assigned to the 2122nd US Army Garrison in Baltimore, MD where I was later promoted to the rank of Captain. Administratively, my primary role was to ensure all units were mobilized and ready for deployment.

This year my military assignment was different, I joined an NFL player and a fellow military veteran to help families have fun by getting active. We did high-knees, planks, jumping jacks – the works. It reminded me of basic training!

I’ve always been active in sports and fitness. As a proud graduate, Alumni and A Club Member, I was blessed to play football at the University of Alabama under Coach Bryant and simultaneously was in the ROTC program. Fitness was always a part of my lifestyle. Military boot-camp techniques like those used in Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness can prove beneficial for people of all ages. I also appreciate that we are giving the men and women of the armed services, who defend our freedoms every day, the opportunity to come home and continue to lead and serve their communities in this fun way.Given the proper training, it instills discipline towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Just another reason why I love being a Coca-Cola ambassador. 

Made possible through a grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation, Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness (CCTFF) is a military boot camp-style fitness program taught by US military veterans.

CCTFF helps demonstrate the commitment of The Coca-Cola Foundation and The Coca-Cola Company to promote balanced living, support veteran employment recruitment, and partner with local communities to create meaningful impact on obesity.