Commemorative Bottle 009 Built in 1997 in the home of the Atlanta Braves, the famous and gigantic Coca-Cola contour bottle has witnessed its fair share of victories at Turner Field. As part of Coca-Cola’s Sky Field, the iconic, curvy bottle has welcomed in countless baseball fans from around the world with the same message: we might root for different teams, but we can all enjoy an ice-cold Coca-Cola. After 12 years of loyally celebrating each Braves homer with a fireworks celebration, the beloved bottle is throwing in the towel.

July 2 is the last chance fans will have to visit the bottle and have their photo taken with it.  To celebrate the 12 plus years (and over 1,900 games) with the bottle, the first 15,000 fans to enter the stadium on July 2 will receive a voucher which will allow them to later claim a commemorative 8-ounce bottle.

Fans should join the Turner Field Coca-Cola Bottle Facebook fan page to post their pictures and join other fans in reminiscing about their memories with the bottle.